EPIC DESERT RACE: for a safety issue, each participating rider must have with him on the whole course:

  • Rigid helmet, with attached chin strap
  • Cycling computer / GPS (211km - 164km)
  • Medical certificate
  • Minimum of 2 liters of water
  • Flashing red tail light
  • Lighting kit with sufficient energy reserve
  • Two spare inner tubes
  • Food reserve
  • Air pump or inflation system
  • Number + racing plate, worn on the front so that it is easily visible.
  • FULL Repair Equipment


  • Mobile phone with option allowing its use in Morocco
  • Solar cream
  • sunglasses
  • anti-diarrhea - antiseptic
  • Hydration pack
  • Rain jacket
  • Emergency blanket
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Chain tool and other misc. tools
  • First Aid Kit
  • Chain lube



  • Article 1: It is the duty of each participant to know the rules. The Organization reserves the right to modify the rules, the course, the place, the date and the destination of the initial competition in case of bad weather or for reasons beyond our control.
  • Article 2: In the absence of a valid medical certificate, you will not be able to participate. Medical Certificate Information: Each participant must provide the organization with a medical certificate not to contraindicate the practice of competitive cycling less than one year old at the time of the event, or a copy thereof. Each participant must provide this document on site at the bibs pick up. In the absence of these documents, the race number can not be removed. It is noted that the riders are aware of the level of difficulty of the event, for technical reasons the organization can not come and get the riders between 2 points of supply for reasons of simple fatigue it is the fate of everyone to know its capabilities and limitations. Assistance is only available in cases of serious illness or injury that are a risk to the health of the participant or have a proven immobility. It is the duty and the obligation of each participant to assist another rider in difficulty (lack of water, food, or technical damage).
  • Article 3: Abusive languages ​​and unsportsmanlike behavior may be penalized by a disqualification or time penalty depending on the appreciation of the judges.
  • Article 4: Participants who throw garbage outside the appropriate containers are automatically disqualified.
  • Article 6: The organization of the event reserves the right to cancel or modify the course of the competition for security reasons.
  • Article 7: MATERIALS - Competitors are solely responsible for compliance with standards, materials they use and their maintenance. The change of bike is forbidden. The handlebar plate must be secured to ensure good visibility. This plate and the bib are reserved for the official sponsors of the organization to the exclusion of all others and must be kept in their original configuration.
  • Article 8: The organizers and their sponsors reserve the right to use, reproduce, distribute and make public photographs, videos, films and recordings of the participants whatsoever, without any economic compensation for the participants present at the event.
  • Article 9: The organizers reserve the right to cancel the race in the interest of public safety in case of public acts, vandalism.
  • Article 10: The organizer will not refund the registration fees to any participant who decides not to take part of the event once already registered. Registrations are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances.
  • Article 11: MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: safety on the course of the race will be led by a professional medical team.
  • Article 12: PRIZE-GIVING - A prize-giving ceremony will reward the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Men and Women of each category. All awards must be withdrawn during the ceremony. No reward can be given later. They will be offered to the municipality that receives the race.
  • Article 13: COMPLIANCE WITH THE ROAD CODE - Each rider must respect the rules of the road on portions open to traffic. Failure to do so may result in the rider being disqualified.
  • Article 14: ASSISTANCE - Any external assistance is prohibited on the course of the EPIC ULTRA RACE outside the areas provided for this purpose (at the point of refueling).
  • Article 15: COURSE - Failure to respect the entire course, taking shortcuts or the use of any other unfair means to gain an advantage against other competitors, will result in disqualification. Checkpoints will be set up throughout the course. If a competitor does not pass at all checkpoints, he will be disqualified. The college of commissioners will verify, all or part of the scores thus made.
  • Article 16: ABANDONMENT - For safety reasons, each rider who has dropped out must either go to the nearest control point (signalmen or marshals) to announce his abandonment. Any abandonment is final.
  • Article 17: SAFETY - In the event of an accident, each rider is obliged to provide assistance to injured persons while awaiting the intervention of organized rescue services.
  • Article 18: INSURANCE - Compulsory Repatriation Insurance
  • Article 19: ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES - The fact of participating in the competition implies the pure and simple acceptance of the present rules in their entirety. The rules can be consulted on the website as well as on the spot the day of the competition on the village of the event.
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